Mixed Farming

National Certificate: Mixed Farming Systems NQF 1; 2

This qualification provides learners the opportunity to gain a qualification in Mixed Farming Systems (Plant- and Animal Production). The range of typical learners that will enter this qualification will vary and includes:

  • Junior farm labourers who wish to progress to the level of Labourer within farming operations in Plant Production;
  • Farm owners, in possession of an equivalent qualification at NQF 1;
  • Learners in possession of different levels of practical experience in farming operations, which will be assessed and RPL’ed;
  • Possible candidates for promotion identified by the community as leaders.
  • Learners may come from both genders.

The learner will engage in supervision and operational activities relevant to Plant Production.

Requests and expressions of need for this qualification, coming from the broad, but also specific farming communities forms the basis for the development of this qualification.

This qualification will form the basis for learners to extend their learning into more specialised areas of plant- and animal production and provides the basis of the establishment of sustainable farming operations through the inclusion of a wide spectrum of competencies required by farmers in South Africa. Whilst technical production orientated competencies are ensured, other aspects such as agri-business and good agricultural practices are included in the range of competencies required by farmers in order to enable them to strive towards agricultural management standards and practices at higher levels.

Competent qualifying learners in this qualification will oversee quality agricultural products in mixed farming systems whereby enhancing the overall agricultural process and gain opportunities to access local, national and international agricultural markets.

Exit Level Outcomes are divided into five categories of competencies, namely:

•     Fundamental Competencies

•     Agri-business

•     Good Agricultural Practices

•     Plant Production; and

•     Animal Production

Areas of specialization in Animal Husbandry include but are not limited to:

•     Small stock production,

•     Large stock production,

•     Dairy production,

•     Pig production,

•     Poultry production,

•     Game,

•     Aqua / mari culture,

•     Commercial insects

•     Animal fibres harvesting,

•     Bee keeping,

•     Natural resources harvesting

•     Organic production,

•     Perma-culture production,

•     Eco/Agri Tourism,

•     Agro Chemicals,

•     Horse Breeding,

•     Etc.

Areas of specialization in Plant Production include but are not limited to:

•     Organic production,

•     Hydroponic production,

•     Perma-culture production,

•     Agronomy,

•     Horticulture,

•     Natural resources harvesting.