It is critical that for participating entities to encourage households to submit CVs of job seekers from their families that can be included in future training programmes, learnerships and recruitment drives for skilled and unskilled positions that might become available.

On the-job -training (OJT)

The OJT is provided through mentorship by anyone of key individuals

including the FM, Bookkeeper and other specialists that might be brought in

from time-to-time. There is certification or credits earned through this

programme other than experience and technical competency.


148970National Certificate: Animal Production120
248971National Certificate: Mixed Farming Systems120
348972National Certificate: Plant Production120
449668General Education and Training Certificate: Horticulture131
548975National Certificate: Plant Production120
648976 National Certificate: Animal Production120
748977 National Certificate: Mixed Farming Systems120
859099 National Certificate: Agricultural Equipment Service and Repair128
949048National Certificate: Animal Production120
1049052National Certificate: Plant Production120
1149009National Certificate: Plant Production142
1248979National Certificate: Animal Production140
1349010National Diploma: Plant Production 240
1449011National Diploma: Animal Production 240