National Certificate: Agricultural Equipment Service and Repair / (mechanization)


This qualification is part of a career path of an Agricultural Equipment Mechanical Artisan and the first level of learning in the Further Education and Training band of the career path that reflects the workplace-based needs of the agricultural equipment industry as expressed by employers and employees, both now and for the future. The agricultural equipment industry is well established in South Africa. Success in this industry is largely dependent upon the availability of competent Agricultural Equipment Mechanical Artisans, developed in accordance with a defined career path. The range of competencies and complexities associated with the Agricultural Equipment Mechanical Artisan career path can only be effectively achieved through structured progressive learning over a period of time. This qualification progressively develops the mechanical workshop competencies of learners and achieves specific focused outcomes that will enhance the employability of persons in the agricultural equipment mechanical industry.

A current scarcity is experienced by the agricultural equipment mechanical industry in these skills. An adequate number of people with these skills are needed to ensure that the South Africa agricultural sector meet the challenges of increased efficiencies and productivity levels.

The learners are expected to benefit by enhanced career opportunities and earning potential that will also benefit the local community and the economy.

On completion of this qualification learners are able to:

1. Service agricultural equipment.

2. Remove, dismantle and install system components of agricultural equipment.

3. Use a personal computer to manage and compile information (Elective).

4. Engineer or form components or sheet metal (Elective).

5. Apply basic business principles in a mechanical workshop (Elective).

6. Repair minor damage to body parts and spray paint body parts (Elective).